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Brandy is an author and freelance writer for hire. Scratch that! I’m not really sure why I’m writing in the third person.  Let’s start over.  What’s up, I’m Brandy, and I enjoy writing pieces that are fun, conversational and leave an impact on the reader. I’m the founder of Luke Legacy Publications, named in honor of my late father, who was a published author and poet. As an author, I want to inspire and uplift others to be the best versions of themselves. As a freelance writer, I write content for my clients that represent their brand and tell their story.  My writings are diverse, but I particularly enjoy writing on the following topics:

  • Relationships

  • Spiritual & Faith-Based

  • Money Management

  • Inspirational & Motivational

  • Writing Tips 

  • Self-Publishing

Looking for a ghostwriter, copy for your website, or a post for your blog? Contact me and see if I’ll be a good fit for you.  

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